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About Rising Beauty Parlour

This Is Your About Rising Beauty Parlour

RISING BEAUTY PARLOUR is Advanced Beauty Parlour and Spa is one of the oldest and well-known beauty parlour. RISING BEAUTY PARLOUR is specialist in Hair Cut, Massage, Body Spa, Stylish make-ups, Skin and Hair Treatments. She has established herself in this field since 2003.

Our main focus is on quality and hygiene. Our Parlour is well equipped with advanced technology equipments and provides best quality services. Our staff is well trained and experienced, offering advanced services in Skin, Hair and Body Shaping that will provide you with a luxurious experience that leave you feeling relaxed and stress free. The specialities in the parlour are, apart from regular bleachings and Facials, many types of hairstyles, Bridal and cine make-up and different types of Facials & fashion hair colourings.





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